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The Janke Institute for Piano Methodology focuses on Ansgar Janke's piano technique – from introduction to its principles and ways of learning its key expressions towards deepening the understanding of the techniques meaning. The instutite's main task is to bring that approach to a wider audience, predominantly through publications and activities in Germany and Japan.

 Ernst Ansgar Janke was a piano professor at the University of Music and Theatre in Munich/Germany, teaching the instrument from the late 1960s for almost 40 years. It is this extensive experience and his broad knowledge that provided a base for the development of a new approach towards the piano.

 The Janke methodology emphasizes the understanding of piano techniques in its original meaning: While it acknowledges technique as an element of artist expression it additionally incorporates its meaning as a representation of the physical movements of the artists body, its limitations and perspectives. Therefore, gravity and its effects on the pianist's body as well as momentum of dynamic movements and its effects represent the very core of the methodology. The idea is that with the support of gravity and momentum the pianist only needs to invest minimal force for his movements. Instead, force is widely replaced by the weight and impulse of his own anatomy. For example, a piano student playing a musical scale should not use body force to press each single key but take advantage of the weight of his arm, the impuls of his arm's movement and the effects of both. This does not only lead to more effective ways for the artist to express his ideas through the perfect keystroke but also to avoid muscle tenseness and posture problems for pianists when playing extensively.