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Prof.Ansgar Janke

   born Juli, 4th 1941 in Leipzig, Germany studied the piano from whe he was six years onwards. At the extraordinarily young age of 14 he was admitted to Prof. Friedrich Wührer's class at Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts. Simultaneously he studied conducting with Richard Laugs. After graduating as music teacher with outstanding results in 1959 he followed his teacher Professor Wührer to the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, where he graduated as pianist in 1965 with distinction. As a stipendiary of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation he was awarded a masters degree in 1967 and supplemented his studies in the chamber music class led by Prof. Hugo Steurer.

Janke became well-known as an uprising pianist. Together with the pianist Gernot Sieber he was awarded the piano duo prize of the International ARD Music Competition in 1964 and the solo piano prize of the German Universities Competition in 1965. He performed with the Vienna Radio Orchestra, as solo pianist and as chamber musician throuout Europe. Additionally, Janke produced several recordings both for radio and television at this time.

Still a student he took a post as music teacher at the Regensburg Cathedral Choir's academy in 1966. After graduating from his studies he taught at University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, later named honorary professor, until he passed away in early 2005.

Today Janke is mainly known for his own piano didactics that he developed throuout his career. He was the first to apply findings from medical and sport sciences to the anatomy of the pianist and the body movements while playing the piano, thereby allowing the pianist to fully express his musical skills.